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With Infly you can create a branded URL, add dynamic banners, and track conversions for better personalization!

Infly gives you personalized links and banners to help your conversion rate grow!

Take your marketing to the next level. We all see sponsored posts, either on Facebook, Instagram or Google ads, etc... to get the products out there. Well with Infly you can create special banners dedicated to a link, that link can be dedicated to an influencer or even a bundle of influencers in a 'club' or for any special sale like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the custom link will open your store, with banners specifically designed for that influencer, event, sale or anything else you can think of.

Custom Branded URL Shortener

Create short URLs with your own domain! Short URLs be used to personalize influencer marketing, personalize specific events like Black Friday, and more!

Dynamic Banners

Take your short URL to the next lever! With Dynamic Banners, you can show custom-made and personalized banners to your short URL! Including Add To Cart banners!

Perfect for influencer marketing!

Auto Apply Discounts

With your short URL discounts can be automatically applied to the checkout! One less step for your potential customer.

Link Analytics

Track which links do the best with our built-in analytics tool!

Track how your influencers are doing and boost your conversion rate.

Influencer and post stats, import influencer image to the banners etc...

We believe showing your customer more personalization will boost the conversion rate. Give your customer more trust!