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Inventory Health
Inventory Health

Understand how your inventory ecosystem is performing in seconds.

Save Time
Save Time

Focus your energy on the areas of your inventory that need your immediate attention.

Inventory Optimization
Inventory Optimization

Optimal stock ranges for all SKUs so you can keep the perfect amount of inventory on hand.

Stock What Matters

Reduce your inventory levels, and still provide quality service to your customers. Inform analytics easily shows you where you can reduce stock, and where you need to invest to maximize profit!

Simple Actionable Reports

Understand your inventory needs immediately. See reports about over and under stocked SKUs, dead stock, and inventory valuation. Use these reports on your next purchase order and reduce the guesswork.

Detailed Analysis

  • See sales history for every SKU you stock. Examine trends, seasonality, sales revenue and profit.
  • Track the progress of your inventory health over time using easy to understand ABC analysis.
  • Let our machine learning analysis of your inventory identify SKU groupings for more consistent inventory handling.

Privacy Preserving Passive Analysis

  • All analytics are performed in the background, with no impact on the functionality of your store.
  • No personal client information is retained.