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Wow Customers with Reels
Wow Customers with Reels

Go beyond photos by adding a stunning Instagram Reels slider to your homepage. Appeal to a modern audience with exciting short videos.

Skyrocket Your Social Proof
Skyrocket Your Social Proof

Curate which Instagram Reels appear on your website to optimize brand image and social proof.

Easy to Set Up
Easy to Set Up

Save time with a simple and intuitive set-up process. Add Instagram Reels to your website without a hassle.

Reelify - Go Beyond Photos with Stunning Instagram Reels

Reelify is a simple and lightweight app that enables brands of all sizes to showcase dazzling Instagram Reels on their storefront. Tired of boring, old Instagram feeds that only show pictures? Take advantage of the emerging technology of Instagram Reels and elevate your social proof to the next level.

Boost Your Competitive Advantage with Reels

Instagram photos are getting old. Set your brand apart, and appeal to a modern audience, with exciting short videos that make visitors stick.

An Eye-Catching Slider That Fits Perfectly on Desktop and Mobile

Share your Instagram Reels in a clean and elegant slider that customers can interact with.

  • Looks great on screens of all sizes
  • Give customers the freedom to slide left and right and play reels on-demand

Easily Import Reels from Instagram

Reelify makes it easy to import reels from Instagram so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Simply paste in the link of any Instagram Reel and see it instantly appear in your dashboard
  • Preview your reels in the app dashboard and Theme Editor before publishing

Helpful FAQ and Support

Get set up quickly with a straightforward FAQ and support team ready to help you at every step of the journey.

  • Short video tutorials to walk you through everything you need to know
  • A built-in Contact Support button so help is only one click away

Start Engaging Customers with Instagram Reels Today!

(Reelify is currently only available in English)