Kaito: The dynamic FAQ app

1 click dynamic answers across your entire site

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The Only Dynamic FAQ App
The Only Dynamic FAQ App

Kaito lets you assign FAQ answers to specific products, pages, collections, tags and more. Customers never need to leave the page they're on

No Distractions, More Sales
No Distractions, More Sales

Increase cart conversions by keeping customers focused on your products and reduce their time spent looking for simple (or specific) answers

Elegant Theme Integration
Elegant Theme Integration

No more ugly FAQs! Kaito's widget has light and dark mode, colour picker, widget positioning and onboarding controls; a 1-click install away

Kaito is the most powerful FAQ app on Shopify and sets a new standard both visually and functionally for all apps in its category.

Every store needs a FAQ but there's a problem, most FAQs divert customers attention away from your products and most engaging pages as they seek answers...


What makes Kaito so powerful?

The Kaito widget sits in the corner of your site and dynamically displays all relevant FAQ questions for the product, page or collection currently being viewed, it works like magic!

Increase add-to-cart rates with instant answers and reduce customer service inquiries. Refine your FAQ over time with question analytics and ratings, no guesswork needed.


Getting started

  • Enjoy instant 1-click installation, no need to manually add code to your site, you'll never need a developer.
  • No more awkward accordions! The widget is visible at all times like a typical chat widget and can be positioned vertically and horizontally to fit in easily with your theme.
  • Themed for simplicity, choose light or dark themes and select your primary color.


What does it do?

  • The widget's content is contextually based on the page your customer is visiting.
  • Questions are built using a rich text editor that can include basic formatting such as headings, bold, italic, underline, lists, alignment, and links.
  • Questions can be associated with single or multiple products, collections, product tags, product type, product vendor, your home page, the cart page, and any other page.
  • All questions can have an excerpt (summary) that is visible when viewing a list of question.
  • Image support for questions (images are stored on your Shopify store).
  • YouTube or Vimeo video can be added to each question and watched from within the widget.
  • Questions can be grouped into Topics (with custom icons), topics appear across all places on your store.
  • Questions can be related with the "Related Questions" feature and can be accessed regardless of where the the user is on the site.
  • Customers can like answers giving you feedback what works and what doesn't.
  • And so much more...


Modern, responsive, beautiful

  • Kaito's design embodies simplicity and utility, it's smooth, sleek, and complements any theme, light or dark.
  • Mobile and desktop friendly.
  • Kaito is a single pane on smaller devices and expands to a double-pane on larger devices where more space becomes available.
  • Kaito starts once your page has loaded and has zero impact on your site's performance.
  • Kaito's dashboard is slick, intuitive, responsive, and fast, so so fast.
  • Hand coded with care!