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Streamline Your Sales Channels
Streamline Your Sales Channels

Manage all your online, physical, and wholesale orders.

Automate Your Inventory
Automate Your Inventory

Record everything from supplier to finished product.

Nurture Your Relationships
Nurture Your Relationships

Stay on top of all your customer and supplier relationships.

Kaizntree is an online platform that connects with Shopify to help manage your sales channels, inventory, and business relationships. We are perfect for businesses that make their own products or deal with numerous suppliers and wholesale clients.

By installing this app...

We'll use your existing Kaizntree or create a new one where you can add your items. Shopify will then begin sending order and inventory information. On Kaizntree you can allocate specific stock to these orders as well as other areas of your business. The orders will also be shown on the relevant customer profiles alongside details such as all email communication. This is perfect for wholesale clients.

Once you allocate stock to an order, Kaizntree will let you know what stock remains and whether you need/can make more. For example, do you have enough packaging left to box the remaining orders? Do I need to make more of my product?

Our software allows you to:

  1. Streamline all your sales channels. Everything from physical pos to e-commerce platforms and wholesale.

  2. Manage your inventory from supplier to finished product. This includes knowing whether you can fulfil orders, how many items you make, and when to reorder.

  3. Foster your customer and supplier relationships. Each contact has a profile where you can view all communication, orders, status, and more.

  4. Manage all purchase and sales orders. These feed in directly through integrations.

Our software is perfect for people who:

  1. Make and sell their products and/or
  2. Buy and sell their products and/or
  3. Buy from multiple suppliers and/or
  4. Sell through multiple channels and/or
  5. Value their business to business relationships.

To view our integrations and feature specific information please visit our website. Contact us if there is an integration you require that is not shown on the website.

Popular Features

  1. item categorisation, bill of materials, costing, and supplier items.
  2. Sales orders: pending, placed, recieved. Customer information and Pricing information.
  3. Purchase orders: pending, placed received. Supplier information. Costing.
  4. CRM: reminders, email integrations, notes, status, categorisation, order history, value 5.Unlimited item categorise and locations.
  5. QR Codes (barcode alternative), batches, item history tracking. 7.Unlimited locations and consignment tracking.

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