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Create & sort collections with AI personalization & analytics

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Smart Automated Collections
Smart Automated Collections

Create smart automated collections using advanced analytics for conditions & place in navigation, home page or Facebook/Google product feed

AI Collection Sort
AI Collection Sort

Sort collections with AI personalization & advanced analytics. Use multiple parameters and set the influence of each on the products' order

AI Personalized Collection
AI Personalized Collection

Create an AI personalized collection (for email marketing) for each customer based on theirs' and similar customers' shopping habits

Optimize sales and inventory using smart personalized automated collections.

Kimonix is an advanced merchandising and personalization solution that helps you display the right product at the right time to boost sales and reduce non-moving inventory

Create smart automated collections and sort them using advanced strategies that include personalization and highly advanced parameters, beyond the common ones on Shopify, such as:

  • 1:1 Personalization - based on real time visit on site
  • Conversion rate
  • Reviews (ratings & amount)
  • Margin
  • Real margin (after discounts)
  • Sales (quantity or $)
  • Inventory value
  • Days to finish inventory
  • Variants stock ratio (how many variants are in stock)
  • Days since back in stock
  • Days in store
  • Discount
  • Page-views
  • product demand and price competitiveness in market

Key Features:

Smart Automated (multi-segment) Collections

Create smart automated collections with a highly advanced condition choice. Create a MULTI-SEGMENT collections to have full control and maximum agility on your collections. Have them fully customized, use pre-defined templates (Best sellers, new arrivals, more) or create your own templates.

  • Multi Segments - create multiple segments within the collection

AI Personalized advanced collection sorting

Sort new or existing collections using 1:1 personalization and advanced analytics to create a unique sorting strategy based on your business needs. Use our sorting recommendation or customize your own. Don’t settle for sorting just by one parameter (like revenue or inventory), use as many parameters as you need, and set the influence of each one on the sorting algorithm.


  • Push down out of stock
  • Push up new products
  • Push up tags

Product grouping

Group products together to always be displayed next to each other in a collection. The group will display in a collection based on the location of the product with the highest position according to the sorting strategy of the collection.

AI Personalized Collection for email marketing campaigns

Our AI algorithm will create a tailor-made collection for each one of your customers. Have your email marketing campaigns land customers in their own unique collection with the right products for them.

Products Insights

  • Products to Promote: Discover which products you should promote based on their performance.

  • Products for Discount / Sale: Identify which products are not performing well and are creating non-moving inventory.


We recommend connecting your Google Analytics to get even better insights and results


No development needed! We add code in your theme ONLY if you use personalization (superior plan).