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Get more sales with the easy-to-install Kwanko tracking tool

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A large affiliate network

The container tag is directly activated and allows websites with large traffic to display your affiliate program.

Simple and fast to set up

You just need to enter a number provided by Kwanko and click on a button to activate.

Tracking immediately activated

No need for additional settings (just a few tests to make sure everything works).

This App edited by Kwanko is simple to activate and facilitates tracking connection with Kwanko Publishers network (e.g. websites, blogs, social networks, influencers, comparison price guides, voucher websites etc.).

Simple activation

Tracking allows you to know when a sale has been generated on your online store and is therefore imperative to launch your affiliate program on the Kwanko Platform. The Kwanko tracking application allows an advertiser whose shop is on Shopify to set up its tracking in a few clicks. All you have to do is to :

  1. add the application
  2. fill in the tracking ID that you’ll find in the tracking documentation provided by Kwanko when you first registered
  3. activate the tracking (by just clicking on a button).


With the app enabled you will be ablet o manage your affiliate program on the Kwanko platform, to select from thousands of publishers who can advertise your Shopify store, to drive new customers, and to increase brand exposure and provide incremental revenue growth. Affiliate marketing works on a performance model, where you pay a commission to referring partners only at the point of a confirmed purchase (typically a % of the sale value).

About Kwanko

Founded in 2003 and present throughout Europe and the Americas, Kwanko is an international leader in cross device performance marketing. Kwanko helps its advertisers reach their goals, whether they are traffic, influence, app downloads, lead generation or sales. With an international network of direct publishers, the biggest international email marketing network, Kwanko is able to connect brands with their audience everywhere, globally. Make use of our full service by a team of local experts with the powerful help of our creative studio to design your creative ads.

Kwanko Tracking Step 1 Identification

Kwanko Tracking Step 1 Identification

Kwanko Tracking Step 2 Activation

Kwanko Tracking Step 2 Activation

Kwanko Tracking Step 3 Setup completion

Kwanko Tracking Step 3 Setup completion