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Dynamic Interface
Dynamic Interface

Dynamic Interface Quick and easy way to create forms, thanks to its dynamic and friendly interface. No coding skills needed, just install

Customer Relation Management
Customer Relation Management

Simply link your store to your Google Sheets with simple steps and your orders will be synchronized automatically.

Social Proof
Social Proof

Social proof is a crucial element to your success. Lead Form is the perfect app to encourage your patron with the buying decision.

Who is this App for? LeadForm is suitable for any Shopify seller offering Cash on Delivery payment method on their store. If you are looking for a complete app to bring your store to the next level, then look no further.

If you're not using online payments in your store, using Cash on Delivery (COD) or don't need them for some of your products - then our app is exactly what you need to improve your conversion rate.

What is LeadForm?

Adapting your Shopify Store to the Cash On Delivery business can be tricky and complicated, especially with Shopify Native Checkout Process. With a Friendly and Dynamic interface, Lead Form is a complete web app that will help you create in-page forms in a matter of seconds. Additionally, Lead Form provides you many other features to improve your CTR and increase your sales conversion.


-Easy Form Builder:

Improve conversion rate by simplifying the order process and allowing your patrons to submit their orders in one click and without leaving the product page.

-Google Sheet Synchronization:

Have a Google Sheet Linked to your Store, which will make it easier for you to have an overall view of your orders and share it with your Team and Suppliers.


When Potential Customers are considering buying a product, they always look for an opinion. With Lead Form, You Can Let your Customers Leave a Review and encourage sales

-Facebook MultiPixels:

You can install multiple Facebook Pixels at once to grow your data, which in return, will help you implement retargeting, conversion tracking, and audience segmentation.

-Countdown Timer:

To create urgency and encourage shoppers to buy your product.

-Sticky Banner:

On Mobile, The «Buy It Now» Button will always Be Visible, so you will never miss a Lead.

-“Buy It Now” Button Animation:

A More engaging product page will definitely improve your conversion. Use animation and different styles to remind your patrons to make their purchase.

-WhatsApp Button:

Whatsapp Bottom will always be on Display, which will increase your sales by talking directly to your customers via their favorite channel. All you need to do is to Enter Your Company Number