Lightning Inventory

Instant inventory transfers with barcode scanning

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Efficiency Booster
Efficiency Booster

The fastest way ever to transfer inventory between locations, receive products from suppliers and perform stocktakes.

Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning

No more time consuming product searching. Add products to your transfer as fast as you can scan. Most popular scanners work automatically.

Transfer & Supplier History
Transfer & Supplier History

Search previous transfers and view supplier history.

Do you need a faster way to transfer inventory and adjust levels?

Lighting Inventory makes moving inventory between locations, adjusting inventory from supplier orders, and making adjustments lightning fast.

There are three types of inventory transfers you can create:

1. Receive inventory

You can check off supplier orders by scanning products into your transfer. Once you are done hit transfer and all of your product inventory levels will be updated instantly. All supplier transfers are searchable by supplier and listed in the supplier profile.

2. Transfer inventory

Multi location support. Now you can transfer inventory between locations faster than ever. Simple select the locations you are transferring between, scan your products and hit transfer. Inventory will be removed from the location you are taking it from and added to the location you are transferring to.

3. Adjust inventory

Now you can adjust inventory on the go. Perform stocktakes using barcode scanners, record shrinkage, or just update levels. The possibilities are endless.


Barcode scanning works automatically without any configuration. You can use your existing barcode scanner to scan products into your inventory transfers. We support most popular brands of barcode scanners, and recommend Symbol scanners.