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Manage and save your Supplier Product URLs

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Products URL Management
Products URL Management

Improve your Dropshipping products management. Easily assign your supplier's URLs to your Shopify products.

Daily Scan of your URLs
Daily Scan of your URLs

We prevent dead URL from causing issues in your business by scanning them twice a day.

Dead URLs email Alert
Dead URLs email Alert

If a URL is broken, for example if a supplier's product does not exist anymore, we will notify you by email.

No more hassle in managing URLs of your dropshipping products.

This app aims to make it easier to manage the links between the vendor product and the Shopify product. You'll find your Shopify products listed with the ability to assign them an origin URL, the supplier matching the product, and you'll be notified if any of your origin URLs are broken.

If you currently list your supplier product URLs in a spreadsheet, this app is for you!

With Linkitem, you can assign each of your Shopify products:

  • The URL of your vendor product.
  • A supplier name (created in the application)
  • The product cost (to track price changes).

The biggest key benefits of Linkitem are:

  1. Daily analysis of your product URLs
  2. Automated recognition of all your broken URLs
  3. A list of your products with broken URLs
  4. Lightning fast email alerts with the list of products with dead URLs