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Infinite Product Browsing
Infinite Product Browsing

Allow your customers to view infinite number of products on scroll in the same go with attractive animations and customization features.

Fast Product Loading with Ajax
Fast Product Loading with Ajax

Ajax based load more button provides fast & uninterrupted product loading which directly compliments customer's user experience.

Improves UI on Mobile
Improves UI on Mobile

Provides a finger scrolling experience by loading products smoothly on smartphones and tablets just as effectively on desktop devices.

Load More & Infinite Scroll app helps you engage your store users by displaying more products uninterruptedly. You can load more products by enabling Ajax-based infinite scrolling, or by enabling load more button. Infinite scroll allows you to automatically show products as the user scrolls down the collection page without waiting for the page to appear, or being asked to move to the next page.

You can also customize the color of load more buttons, change loading animations, and set the product limit for each loading. It’s a helpful app to instantly increase user engagement and decrease bounce rate.

Feature List

  • 2 Options: Infinite Scroll & Load More Button
  • Variety of Animations for Product Loading Effects
  • Set Number of Products to Load each Time
  • Enable Show Less & Scroll Top Button
  • Customize Button Color and Size

Infinite Scroll

Ajax based infinite scroll enables your customer to scroll freely without being compelled to wait, or load to another page. It is robustly fast and a great technique to engage users, reduces bounce rate, and boost conversions.

Load More Button

Load more button displays the next batch of products once clicked with Ajax loading.

Show Less Button

Show less button hides each batch of products displayed after loading.

Scroll Top Button

This button takes your customer directly back to the top on the collection page

10 Types of Animations

You can also customize load animation based on your needs and preferences. This app comes with a variety of animation such as bounce, shake, fade-in, slide-in, slide-right. This makes your loading visually appealing and distinct from other stores.

Set Number of Products

Set the number of products to load in each batch. This can help you improve your customer user experience based on their device usage and your web page dimensions.

Color Customization of Buttons

You can also set color customization for load more, show less, and scroll top button. It helps complement your site theme and design.

Compatible Themes

  • Debut
  • Simple
  • Minimal
  • Boundless
  • Express
  • Venture
  • Supply
  • Narrative
  • Brooklyn
  • Prestige
  • Kingdom
  • Envy
  • Venue
  • Avenue
  • Warehouse
  • Impulse
  • District
  • Split
  • Sunrise
  • Loft
  • Motion
  • Parallax
  • Flow
  • Empire
  • Mr Parker
  • Masonry

Note: If you have any theme compatibility issue with our app then contact us at [email protected] We will make it compatible for free.