Takeout: local delivery&pickup

Add Local Delivery & Takeout (Local Pickup) to your Store

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Local pickup (for takeouts)
Local pickup (for takeouts)

Let your customers choose exactly when they want their items ready to be picked up. Less hassle for them, more profit for you!

Local delivery
Local delivery

Pick days & times for prompt local deliveries. Plan distant deliveries in advance.

Manage local orders with ease
Manage local orders with ease

Handy tools help you keep your orders under control. Manage pickup and delivery times according to your workload.

Does your shop, cafe, or restaurant offer takeout and local delivery? If not, install this great-looking local pickup (takeout) and delivery widget on your shopping cart page. It allows local customers to request quick deliveries of their purchases, and you to offer prompt deliveries and pickups in nearby areas. It’s a great way to provide excellent service!

Why install the app?

  • It’s easy to use and fully featured. When installed on your shopping cart page, it lets your shoppers choose times, locations, and payment methods for take-outs (pickups) and local deliveries. They can also choose a fast checkout option if they prefer COD.
  • You can add as many delivery areas or physical addresses for pickup (takeout) orders as you need. Specify working days and operating hours for each one individually.
  • Set working days & hours, delivery time durations, and order prep times to fine-tune local deliveries.
  • Pause deliveries and pickups to avoid over-committing when things get busy.
  • Use postal codes to delineate delivery areas.
  • Save time with handy, real-time order management. Track pending and past deliveries, delivery types, and payment status on a single dashboard. Leave notes, archive completed orders, edit, and print drafts directly from the app.
  • Boost your conversion rate by offering customers a local delivery option in addition to standard shipping.

Benefits for customers:

  • The ability to book convenient times for deliveries, pickups & take-outs from nearby stores.
  • Convenience, thanks to different delivery and payment options on the cart page.
  • Fast order confirmations for COD payments.