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Personalized Customer Support

Impress your customers with lightning support and better performance.

Improved Shopping Experience

Assist your customers during the whole customer journey and make an impression.

Quick and Easy Installation

Login as Customer is a simple app you can install and set up easily.

Customer support is a feature that makes your Shopify store stand out and allows you to provide an exceptional experience for your customers. However, sometimes it requires too much time and effort to process customer requests connected to customer accounts, order placement, and shopping carts.


If customers reach out for help, admins or agents have to ask for their login and password, enter that data, log in to customer account and only then process the request.

Wouldn’t it be more effective if this whole logging-in process was reduced to seconds?

Magefan introduces the app Shopify customers were waiting for - Login as Customer App that will help you log in to customer account in a few clicks!

Feature Highlights

Provide Exceptional Support Experience

The Login as Customer feature is introduced to help you optimize your customer support efforts and deliver better and faster service with little effort.

Log in to Customer Account in Shopify

From now on you can log in to the customers’ accounts on Shopify without a password to help them fix account issues, fill out order information, or place orders. It not only provides a better experience for your shop visitors, but it also makes them come back for the exceptional service.

Login as Customer Entrance Logs

With the Login as Customer App, you can streamline the process by tracking the logging activity. Track when you last logged in to the customer account and boost your service even more.

Process Customer Requests Faster

The logging into the customer account is reduced to seconds. It allows you to process customer requests more effectively. You could save a minute per customer and an hour per day. Make Login as Customer App invest in your time!

How Does it Help?

Processing customer requests couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do to reduce the time spent on verifying customer information is Login as Customer App.

Once you install it, there is no additional configuration required. Just click on the customer and log in to their account on the storefront without entering a password or affecting any authentication data.

Leverage customer support with Login as Customer feature. Appeal to your customers’ needs and stand out with exceptional support!

Shopify customers list

Shopify customers list

Login as customer with Multipass

Login as customer with Multipass

Login as customer without Multipass

Login as customer without Multipass

Request assistance from sales manager

Request assistance from sales manager

Login to Customer account on storefront

Login to Customer account on storefront

Shopify customer account

Shopify customer account