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One click social login using Google, Facebook, twitter etc.

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Speedy Login
Speedy Login

LoginGenie will help you in increase conversion rate by speedy login/registration.

Easy Customization
Easy Customization

LoginGenie is having handful of easy customization option to customize it as per your need.

Automatic Installation
Automatic Installation

LoginGenie installation is fully automatic & simple, just install the app and it is ready for use.


LoginGenie Social Login App will give your customers a very smooth and hassle-free buying experience. LoginGenie makes it easier for your customers to log-in/register their account using popular social networks in a single click, which eventually improves the conversion rate. LoginGenie helps you to eliminate the login registration and verification process and make keep customers focused on buying the desired items.

It reduces the sign-in/registration time and effort and significantly improves CRO. Now your customer does not have to fill in the long registration form and go through a cumbersome email verification process. Customers can now log-in/register using the social network of their choice.

You just have to add SocialGenie App to your store and it will automatically integrate itself with your store. LoginGenie is having a highly customizable UI using handy backend options.