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Automate Social Rewards

Automatically reward people for creating social content, starting with your most valuable marketing assets, customers. Learn more

Ready-to-Go Ambassador Program

Scale brand ambassador programs; get more content out of micro-influencers and nano-influencers. Learn more

Build Customer Loyalty with UG

Find customers (micro and nano-influencers) creating authentic, organic user-generated content and incentivize them to create even more.

Crowdsource growth marketing. Introducing integrated digital gifting with Shopify + LoudCrowd!

Your customers are your most valuable marketers. The content they share with their social networks is a powerful growth asset to bring more shoppers to your store. Use LoudCrowd to reward your customers for sharing your brand, track the monetary value of the content they create, and reuse it to enhance your store experience. Anything you offer within your Shopify store can be used for social gifting. Connecting Shopify and LoudCrowd enables you to send and fulfill rewards through your store that attract new shoppers, nurture customer loyalty, and support brand ambassador programs.

Automate store discount rewards

LoudCrowd automatically syncs and sends discount codes to use within your store. This makes it easy to thank your customers when they create valuable content about your brand, and encourages them to do more of it.

Launch your ambassador program

Recruit customers to a reward program that incentivizes loyalty and brand love content to grow your customer base. Out-of-the Box reward tiers and program landing pages get you started right away.

Curate valuable social content

LoudCrowd’s content library allows you to browse and discover valuable social content that your customers are posting about you. You can organize content based on its monetary value and your product catalog, and reuse it on your social feed and storefront.

Measure the value of social content

Social analytics dashboards help you track the ROI of social gifting and ambassador programs for your business. Understand social content in terms of its monetary value. Identify top customers creating high-value content. Access your customers’ follower counts, content impressions and engagement rate all in one place.

Simple setup

One time authorization of your Shopify store to connect to our app. Set your discount options in our app, and it will create Shopify codes. Automate sending codes based on the customer-created content you value. LoudCrowd can also connect to the tools you’re already using – your social accounts, email service – so you can keep your current workflows.

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LoudCrowd Programs

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LoudCrowd Dashboard

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