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Boosting Profitability, Cart Conversion, & Life in the Planet.

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Refund the Planet with savings
Refund the Planet with savings

Compensate the Planet for the natural resources used on products you sell using savings on supply chain costs and certified projects .

Enhance profitability and ESG.
Enhance profitability and ESG.

Reward shoppers, fight the climate and biodiversity crisis, and optimize promotions paid for by the savings in supply chain costs.

Improve your Cart Conversion.
Improve your Cart Conversion.

Eco-conscious shoppers & discount hunters make costless contributions and get discounts on every purchase paid for by supply chain savings.

About mandatum: The Nature-Positive App

A Nature-Positive and sustainable shopping experience that improves profits, cart conversion, customer loyalty, and makes your products more accessible at no extra cost. Fight climate change and the biodiversity crisis with a single solution.

What is mandatum?

The mandatum app allows you to structure your company for an optimal supply chain. You decide how long your shipping times are, creating flexibility for you and your stockroom. In exchange for waiting a bit longer for their products, your customers save money and help a nature-positive project – at no added cost to you!

Why use mandatum

Great for niche and independent brands who want to promote sustainability and climate action, while gaining flexibility in their shipping. Attract new customers by offering nature-positive donations, paid for by the savings in supply chain costs. Let your cost savings fund product discounts and tap into shoppers that look for discounts when making purchasing decisions.

Build brand loyalty through easy climate action

Eco-conscious shoppers look for eco-conscious options when they shop. Your donations contribute to certified conservation projects protecting forests and oceans. All conservation projects are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 14 and 15, seeking to stop and reverse the loss of biodiversity by 2030.

Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility at No Added Cost.

Many companies want to work on their SGDs, but don’t have the money and know where to start. Mandatum allows you to donate to generate social justice, reduces poverty and hunger, protect biodiversity, and fight climate change with nature-positive actions. We work with well-known organizations in developing countries to maximize impact. You receive documentation from the environmental organizations you support, freeing up time and energy you would be spending on ESG reporting, ensuring quality control, and documenting your environmental actions.

No gain, no pain.

Start today with a free consultation from our Supply Chain experts. Free and easy installation. You win, your customers win, and our planet wins.