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Locate and target your best customers with geo-based analytics

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Geo based reporting
Geo based reporting

Get insights like average order value, total sales and total revenue by state.

Visualize your sales
Visualize your sales

Explore an interactive map of your orders and show off your growing business to others.

Target your best customers
Target your best customers

Empower your marketing with better targeting based on where your best customer are buying.

Mappy helps you understand essential geographic information about your store's customers, at a glance. When running a busy online store, it's easy for a merchant to lose track of the broader picture about where their products are doing well, and where they might want to focus their efforts next.

Fortunately, Mappy makes that easy!

Connect your Shopify store and Mappy will pull in all of your store's orders and generate a dynamic heat map, showing your store's hotspots. We'll also show you core metrics like total sales, average order value, returning customer rate, and total number of orders -- plus you can break those numbers down by state to easily figure out your best regions.

In addition to visualizing and calculating your store's data data, we offer other essential map-based features including the ability to embed a version of the heat map on your public website to show off your product's distribution (social proof!), as well as the ability to export geo-based ad targeting criteria for popular platforms like facebook, privy and hextom.

Install Mappy today -- it's totally free to try!