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Increase loyalty & revenue with a powerful membership program.

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Increase brand loyalty
Increase brand loyalty

Customers who have access to perks will feel more connected to your brand. Share exclusive benefits for your most loyal customers.

Enjoy recurring revenue
Enjoy recurring revenue

Charge on an annual or monthly basis for software, digital products, or shipping tiers. Modify your membership as new products are added.

“Prime”-style membership
“Prime”-style membership

Want to reward your regulars? Include perks like free shipping, discounted products, or exclusive content for members.

Power a membership program easily with Conjured Memberships

Enhance brand loyalty, increase revenue, and offer exclusive content with a powerful membership program. Conjured Memberships is easy to set up and integrates seamlessly within your Shopify store. Create a gateway to digital content, implement free shipping and discounts, or connect your physical products with specific content.

Looking for a “Prime”-style membership program for your store?

Conjured Memberships has you covered. Charge a monthly or yearly membership fee in exchange for discounts off products, free shipping, or special access to “first looks” and members-only product drops.

Do you sell physical products that require a subscription to be purchased alongside it?

From Peloton to Whoop, stores are increasingly offering digital content alongside the purchase of a physical product. Easily align your digital offerings with the purchase of your physical product.

How does Conjured Memberships work?

  • Don't know where to start? Pick an optional template: Prime-style, Digital Content, or Hardware/Software
  • Customize your benefits and content
  • Set up your payment options and membership tiers
  • Style your membership product and dashboard to your liking
  • Send it out to your most loyal customers to enjoy the benefits

What can members do?

  • Access exclusive content libraries
  • Get free shipping
  • View and purchase discounted VIP products
  • See additional shipping options

Free customizations

We offer free styling at any time, feel free to send us a page design and we’ll do the rest! If you don’t see your preferred benefit, reach out to our support line for a custom perk.