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Increase Conversions
Increase Conversions

Ease the shopping experience of your customers and increase conversions by allowing them to access cart on page.


Motivate customers to spend more by unlocking rewards when they hit minimums.

Zero code to install
Zero code to install

No code is needed to install and activate the app. The slide toolbar will appear immediately after installation

Slide Toolbar will make your customers' shopping experience more convenient, which loaded with all the features you need to enhance your customer’s experience, improve your conversion rate, and increase your average order value.

Slide Toolbar works with all kinds of stores and all Shopify themes, and here is the most important features:

Main Features

Slide Cart

Customer can access cart from anywhere on your site and looks great on any theme or design. It works by replacing the default cart page with an on-page enhanced version.

Qrcode in every landingpage

We will add unique qrcode in each landing page, so customer can scan to shop

Back To Top

Scroll to top button allow customers to easily browse long page and increase sales and conversions! Visitor to easily scroll back to the top of the page, with fully customizable options and images.


You can config toolbar's color and text to get it just right.

One Click Installation and Universal Support

No code is required to show the slide toolbar in your store. Our app supports all kinds of stores and all Shopify themes.

Need Help? Want To Add A Feature in Slide Toolbar ?

Click the 'Get Support' button at the top of this listing to send us an email. Our average response time is just a few hours!