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Know Exact Profits

Minstein enables you to know your exact profits , sales, COGS, total expenses, Ad Spend, Shipping Charges, transaction Fees, refunds etc.

150+ metrics for Store Growth

Keep a detailed eye on every area of your business from Products, Customers, Orders, to Marketing and Finances with 150+ metrics.

Advance Analytics

Get crystal clear actionable insights with beautiful dashboards. Growth Tables, Customer Cohorts, RFM Analysis, Heatmaps and Trend Charts.

Minstein is your store's Virtual Data Analytics Consultant !

Repaint Shopify Analytics. The only SAAS made exclusively for Shopify store owners that are serious about growing their business. No more data overload. Just actionable insights, trends & KPIs you need the most to focus on and optimize right now. All in one place.

Profit and Loss Insights

Directly get a consolidated view of your profit and loss, with the analytics that matter to you most.

Growth Analytics

Get all the key store metrics at a single place and track their performance on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Instantly identify the areas that are performing well and the areas that needs immediate attention.

Customer Analytics

Minstein turns large volumes of customer data actionable for marketing. With this you get a in-depth insight into your customer behavior with customer segments, geography, retention insights and more.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Get smart segments based on behavioral parameters for personalized engagement and more customer conversions. Analyze customer data to identify commonalities that group customers together, and build marketing campaigns around these segments.

  • Geography Analysis

    Browse through interactive maps to examine insightful trends by geography. Identify your High-Selling and Low Selling Regions so you can do better targeting for your ads.

  • Customer Retention

    Know detailed insights about your customer retention with 12-M Cohort Charts. Find out ideal timing to re-engage and turn customers into repeat buyers and prevent them from switching to a competitor.

  • New vs Repeat Customer Analysis

    Find out what percentage of new customers vs. repeat customers results in more revenue. Get detailed analysis on various data points to optimize your customer acquisition strategies.

Product Analytics

Identify the list of products that can be used in your promotional strategies to gain more sales and new customers.

  • Product Trends

    Discover the true potential of your product's performance. Know trending products that will be perfect for your new strategies.

  • Visitor’s Choice

    Get vital information about products frequently added by visitors in cart and device strategies to gain new customers to your store.

Marketing Analytics

Get a consolidated view of your marketing channels including **Google Ads, Google Analytics, FB Ads** at a single place. And identify which Social Media channel works best in terms of return on ad spend and key data points.

Order Analytics and Abandoned Insights

Understand your business in far more depth and with minimal effort. Get great insights on items like catalog returns, order details , trends in cart abandonment, return rate etc.

Minstein - Product Analytics

Minstein - Product Analytics

Minstein - Profit and Loss Analytics

Minstein - Profit and Loss Analytics

Minstein - Marketing Analytics

Minstein - Marketing Analytics

Minstein - Growth Insight

Minstein - Growth Insight

Minstein - Customer Analytics

Minstein - Customer Analytics

Minstein - Order Analytics

Minstein - Order Analytics