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Track 100+ Ecommerce Metrics
Track 100+ Ecommerce Metrics

The last thing you want to do is stare at a spreadsheet for hours on end, just to find out that there’s an easy way to track 100+ metrics

Actionable Analytics Dashboard
Actionable Analytics Dashboard

Instead of general reporting Minstein dashboards are built to get quick actionable insights of Marketing, Sales, Order and Product

Consolidate Marketing Data
Consolidate Marketing Data

Minstein is the single source of truth for your Shopify stores, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook ads data

Minstein is your Store Data Expert

You're not just a Shopify store owner. You are the lifeblood of your business, and we get that. That's why Minstein is here to help you gain insights into your data so you can make better decisions faster. We know how important it is for you to be able to easily analyze what's happening in all aspects of your business - from marketing and sales, to customer behaviour and order activity. Our platform integrates all your data sources into one single view, so you can stop relying on basic reporting and start gaining powerful insights that drive strategic growth!

Analytics Modules

  1. Customer Analytics (Include RFM Analysis)
  2. Sales Analytics
  3. Order Analytics
  4. Product Analytics
  5. Marketing Analytics (Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics)


  1. Cohort Analysis
  2. Monitor FB and Google Ads Spend data in single dashboard reports
  3. Track Visitor Footfalls to your store though Google Analytics
  4. Customer Segment Based upon RFM Analysis to identify Loyal, Churn, Promising, and many more customer segments
  5. Identify which Customers Needing Attention, and who can be potential loyalist customer.
  6. Save $$ on email by least targeting on Lost Customer profiles
  7. Sales Heatmap which help you to boost your ads
  8. Geographical Understanding of Sales for better customer targeting
  9. Discover the effectiveness of your “New Customer” acquiring strategies.
  10. Know your customers by Customer Retention Rate, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  11. Understanding Order Source and Referral Sites
  12. Track and Monitor Orders, , Get abandoned cart insights
  13. Identify Order Frequency
  14. Get Trend of Product by Product Heatmap
  15. Gain More Customers by using “Best First Purchase Products” into your display ads.
  16. Get More Sales by using “Best-Selling / Emerging Products” and many more


  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics