The plug-in that transforms any product into 3D

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Visit our website
Visit our website

Visit our site to request a free trial and a Plug-In access code.

Install the plug-in
Install the plug-in

You can request that the products in your shop be transformed into 3D. Also add new colors, artwork and textures.

Start selling!
Start selling!

The Plug-In will allow customers to customize products in 3D and offer a better shopping experience by increasing sales.

Track sales and transform products into 3D in 1 click.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive NURBS dashboard, you can track conversions and transform your products into 3D by simply clicking on a button. You will also be able to decide which parts of your product can be customized by your customers. Approaching the 3D world has never been easier.

In short, you and your customers can:

  • 'View Only' Mode:

    Thanks to the NURBS editor, your customers will be able to view your products in 3D and see it in all its angles.

  • Customize Colors:

    Thanks to the NURBS editor, your customers will be able to modify parts of your products with infinite colors.

  • Customize Fabrics:

    The customize texture feature allows you to apply patterns and textures to parts of your products.

  • Drawings and Artwork:

    From the NURBS dashboard you can add predefined images that your customers can apply on your products.

  • Upload image:

    Inside the NURBS editor your customers will have the possibility to upload their image from the device and apply it on the product.