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Hyper-personalization with the same AI used on Amazon.com

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Grow revenue by 10%-20%
Grow revenue by 10%-20%

90% of visitors leave your store because they can't find relevant products. Have live shopper behavior automate better recommended products.

Lift mobile rev up to 25%
Lift mobile rev up to 25%

Mobile shoppers stay half the time and create 50% less revenue vs desktop. Spark mobile sales with personalized product recommendations.

Boost your profit by 5%-15%
Boost your profit by 5%-15%

A 5% rise in retention can add 95% extra profit. Upsell and cross sell visitors with hyper-relevant recommendations – for web and email.

October 2021: HiConversion is now Obviyo.

Can you grow revenue per visit by 100% in 7-days? Put us to the test.

Obviyo (formerly HiConversion) Recommend uses live buying-signals, and Amazon's own AI to generate ultra-relevant personalized product recommendations – all in real time.


Visitors who engage with recommended products are producing 100% or more in revenue per visit compared to those who do not.

Only 1 out of every 1500 Shopify stores know how to do this

Proof from a few of our customers:

  • International furniture brand (% of revenue attributed: 55.6% | Revenue per visitor lift: +1,136%)

  • Leading beauty brand (% of revenue attributed: 21.1 | RPV lift: +275%)

  • Mid-sized supplement store (% of revenue attributed: 24.8 | RPV lift: +406%)

  • Fitness equipment brand (% of revenue attributed: 28.2 | RPV lift: +391%)

Right for you?

Exceptional product discovery is a must-have for all brands with 50+ products in their catalog, and $1M+ per year in Shopify sales.

What's better about Amazon's product recommendations?

To solve its own product discovery challenges, Amazon spent 20+ years innovating shopping personalization algorithms. The result is Amazon Personalize – the Internet's most powerful product recommendation technology.

OLD WAY: Other app use your customers' historical data.

  • Limited to 10% of your overall traffic; return buyers and look-alike visitors.

NEW WAY: Buying-signal driven recommendations, using live visitor actions and context to detect purchase intent.

  • Taps hidden revenue from the remaining 90% of your "cold traffic" – visitors who otherwise never buy. Only with Obviyo x Amazon Personalize.

Industry analysts estimate 35% of Amazon's revenue comes from personalization. And that personalized buying experiences makes buyers 54% more likely to become repeat buyers.

Use the Internet's most powerful recommendation engine: Amazon

Similar to Boeing or Airbus – who use 3rd party jet engines to power their planes – we use Amazon Personalize to power the most relevant web and email product recommendations. All designed for Shopify merchants.

Not for tire kickers

7-DAY CHALLENGE: Can we grow your revenue per visit by 100%?

(Limited space - first in; first served)

Challenge includes:

  • FREE 7-DAY TEST RUN: our elite team will implement 3-5 live recommendations (upsell, cross sell, frequently bought together, and more) for at least 7 days.

  • FREE ONBOARDING: for 7-Day Challengers who upgrade to paid plan; we'll build your product recommendation program and up-skill your team.

We're a Custom Storefront-ready app – contact us to learn more about integrating for headless.

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