Offer King

Adapt your store & drive more conversions!

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Increase Conversions
Increase Conversions

Give customers a new way to purchase and drive more conversions with Offer King.

Reduce Cart Abandonment
Reduce Cart Abandonment

Drive customer engagement and reduce cart abandonment by giving customers another purchase option.

Quick Install & Total Control
Quick Install & Total Control

Clean and simple backend makes it easy to manage offers, ensuring a seamless process for you and your customers.

Why Offer King is a must have

A must-have plug in for all online stores wanting to drive more conversions, reduce cart abandonment and support a new purchase method customers are looking for!

What does Offer King do?

Online Shoppers often abandon their purchase, leaving shop owners wondering why. Offer King is a unique way to engage shoppers with high intent to purchase by enabling them to make an offer on a product, just like a customer in a shop or market might try and ask for a deal or negotiate on price.

Giving customers the option to 'make an offer' will not only drive more conversions and reduce cart abandonment, but give you valuable insight into what price customers are willing to pay for your products. It will also help you build a unique database of genuinely interested customers to market to in the future.

How does Offers King work?

  • Enable the products you wish to receive offers on
  • Set a minimum offer threshold to reduce time wasters
  • Prompt customers to make you an offer and leave their email address
  • Set up your own rules and automated responses that will be triggered when you accept or decline an offer in the backend
  • Automated custom discount codes allow customers to complete their purchase without the need for manual emails back and forth with the buyer