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All the sales tools you need

Whether you want to upsell or run flash sale campaigns, we got you all covered!

Increase average order value

Get more sales from the same traffic by giving customers volume discounts they love. Easy to set up!

Stunning templates & widgets

Use stunning ready-to-use templates to kick-start your sales season in no time

OneUpSell- simply One app with all Upsell features

OneUpSell is specifically built to help merchants increase their store conversion & average order value with diverse promo campaigns: volume discounts, quantity discounts, flash sales, etc.

OneUpSell's Top Features:

1. Boost your AOV with Powerful Volume Discount Features

Leverage Volume Discount & Quantity Discount to upsell your customers wherever they go:

  • Product Detail Page: feature a tiered pricing table to incentivize your customers to Buy More & Save More

  • Cart Page: show customers their savings and increase their cart value with smart upsell messages & Progress Bar

Pamper your customers by offering them all the discounts they love:

  • Spend $200, Get 1 Free Gift

  • Spend $100, Get $10 Off

  • Buy 10 Items, get 10% off

  • And the list goes on!

2. Bulk Price Editor

Bulk discount all products/collections/specific products with automatic rollback. For instance, discount $10 off for Summer Collection & 10% off for Winter Collection

3. Easily build a flash sale landing page

With OneUpSell, you can feature all flash sale items on a stunning landing page and freely customize every element to match your brand theme

4. Running bulk discount campaigns made easy!

OneUpsell has all the advanced sales tools you need to promote your campaign without the sweating part: flash sale widget, product detail widget, coming soon page, pop-up, banner, etc.

5. Schedule your discount campaigns in minutes

Choose the time to start & end your discount campaigns. Simply set it and forget it!

6. Run discount campaigns on any products you want

Choose the exact items to put on your discounts (Specific variants/Collections/All products)

7. Create FOMO to trigger impulse buying

Create a sense of urgency to push your customers to add to cart and check out with Promo bar & Countdown timer

8. Unlimited made-to-use templates

Simply select from our battle-tested templates to get your sale campaigns up and running in minutes. No coding or time-wasting!

Why OneUpSell is better than other Shopify sales tools?

  • All promotion campaigns can be run with OneUpSell so no code conflicts between apps

  • Track campaign performance with ease

  • Various customizable templates to match your brand style

  • UX/UI for all templates are Conversion Rate Optimized

  • Responsive for all devices

  • Compatible with all Shopify Themes & Apps

Top-notch support service

Our dedicated staff is always willing to help solve any of your problem. You can contact us via email with any issues or feedback, and we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours.

OneUpSell- never miss a chance to sell

An all-in-one sale-boosting app

An all-in-one sale-boosting app

Spend discount threshold

Spend discount threshold

Quantity discount threshold

Quantity discount threshold

Easy to use flash sale landing page builder

Easy to use flash sale landing page builder

Bulk Price Editor

Bulk Price Editor

Modern templates with unlimited customizations

Modern templates with unlimited customizations