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Create Purchase Orders
Create Purchase Orders

Create Purchase Orders. Send automatic invoices to your vendors.

Bulk Replenishment
Bulk Replenishment

Incorporate bulk purchase orders replenishment for selected or all out of stock products. Restock all products with a couple of clicks.

Manage Pre-orders
Manage Pre-orders

Create pre-orders and sync them with your purchase orders.

Manage your inventory, create purchase orders and pre-orders!

  • The app allows you to create purchase orders, add agents and vendors.

  • Create purchase orders, selecting pre-added vendors from the list. You can create a vendor, which will be the supplier of your products.

  • With the help of bulk purchase orders replenishment for selected or all out of stock products you are able to restock all products. When you receive an item from the purchase order just click on 'Receive items' button and the inventory will be adjusted.

  • When creating a purchase order you can make all items from it to act as pre-orders, by clicking on 'Put on a pre-order' button. This way the items will be displayed on your site as pre-orders. The customer will see that the item is on pre-order and will also be able to see the date when the product is available.