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Ditch the Spreadsheets
Ditch the Spreadsheets

Actionable data, no effort required. Track expenses, ad spend, shipping, COGS, marketing efficiency and more with our all-in-one view.

Real-Time Profit Tracking
Real-Time Profit Tracking

OrderMetrics is the profit calculator built for you. With automatic and actionable profitability analytics, you’re bound to grow.

Simplified Decision Making
Simplified Decision Making

Integrations do the heavy lifting, powering reports that enable fast decisions on financials, orders, products, customers, and marketing.

Why OrderMetrics? Simple profit calculations, built for you.

Real-time profit tracking, simple and actionable ecommerce analytics. Save time and make more money—no more spreadsheets, manual hassle, and reviewing data in ten different places.

Assess financial performance in an instant.

See your Shopify store’s net profit after all costs including shipping, ad spend, transaction fees, discounts, refunds, custom expenses, and more. We combine all your data in real-time to give you quick and easy access to your real financial health.

OrderMetrics Reporting:

  • Financial
  • Orders
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Customers

Financial Report: Dive Deeper into your P&L

Beyond the profit calculator we provide a more in-depth look at your performance too with a profit and loss statement in your financial report. Interested in things like Net Retail Margin, Shipping Margin, and Gross Profit? We have those details too.

Orders Report: Understand Profitability Per Order

OrderMetrics offers the ability to look at profitability per order. Want to sort by gross margin—which orders were most and least profitable? We got you!

Marketing Report: Run Profitable Ads

Pull ad data from Facebook and Google Adwords to manage your marketing spend efficiency by looking at acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), return on ad spend (ROAS), and overall campaign performance, sorting by each of these analytics.

Products Report:

Before you send your next big email marketing push or launch a top of funnel ad, you’ll want to take a look at the products report in OrderMetrics to evaluate which products (and variants) are your best sellers, have the highest margins, and lowest rate of returns.

Customers Report:

Understanding customer behavior on your website—bounce rate, time on site, abandoned cart rate—enables you to tweak the experience in the name of conversion rate optimization.

This, in tandem with optimizing the efficiency of your marketing spend, will ensure you’re not only getting target customers to your site, but you’re also capturing their attention and converting them to lifetime customers.

A Team Committed to Your Success

Our Profit Partners are here to help you understand your data and guide you in the right direction. As a customer-driven company, we thrive helping you succeed.

OrderMetrics Helps You Answer Questions About Your Shopify Store Like:

  • What is my customer lifetime value?
  • Which orders made the most profit?
  • Do some ad campaigns actually lose money?
  • How are discounts impacting my profit?
  • How are returns impacting my profit?
  • What’s my most profitable product?

OrderMetrics Works With:

  • Shopify
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • More to come! We build based on your feedback.