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Improve order fulfillment by automatically tagging orders

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Flag Important Orders
Flag Important Orders

Create rules to automatically tag orders that have a high risk level, new customers, high value and more.

Improve Fulfillment Process
Improve Fulfillment Process

Identify multiple open orders by the same customer. Tag orders with product SKUs, or vendors. Flag out-of-stock items.

Keep Your Data in Shopify
Keep Your Data in Shopify

All data is synced to Shopify allowing you to use the automated tags with other Shopify apps.

Automatically Tag Orders

Create custom rules to tag your orders in Shopify. This allows you to highlight certain orders within the Shopify Admin or to help integrate with other apps that pull order data from Shopify.

The tagging rules are fully customizable and can automatically be applied to orders after different events like order creation, fulfillment or cancellation.

Library of Example Rules

To help get you started we've created a library of custom rules for you to use. With a few clicks you do things like:

  • Tag orders with a high fraud risk level
  • Identify orders that could be combined to save on shipping
  • Flag orders from customers with a high lifetime value (LTV)

All these examples are fully customizable and if they don't fit your needs you can always create new ones from scratch.

Dynamic Tags

You can also add tags that contain dynamic information from the order. For example, you can add tags to the order with:

  • The product's vendor or SKU
  • Tags from the customer
  • The date the order was placed

Have a suggestion?

Is there a filter option or tag that you would like added? Please let us know and we'll see if we can get it setup for you.

App Support

If you have any questions while using the app you can check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (a link is on the right). We also offer email support and we reply to all inquiries within one business day (but usually faster).