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Add, remove and delay flow order tags to manage your orders.

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Save time with tag manager

Increase credibility and deepen customer trust by displaying shipping rates right in the cart.

Organize orders efficiently

Create unlimited, custom workflows based on your unique criteria and business needs.

Streamline fulfillment

Connect seamlessly with shipping and fulfillment partners + know what to do with orders directly from the Shopify Admin page.

Are you looking for ways to improve efficiency and drive more revenue to your Shopify business? If you want to be competitive in a global market, you’ll need to use every piece of tech at your disposal — so harness the power of automation with the ultimate auto tag manager: Order Tagger!

Order Tagger creates smart tags for orders

You can use it to create all kinds of tags based on a huge variety of triggers. Use various types of triggers to make the complex logical operations your business needs in a breeze!

Filter orders by all kinds of useful criteria

With Order Tagger, you can auto-tag your orders and pre-orders using extensive criteria, including shipping methods and dates.

Save a ton of time with auto tags

The efficient order sorting system you can employ with Order Tagger saves you hours of time and manual work, while also improving the accuracy and efficiency of your shipping, fulfillment and order management processes.

Optimize audience targeting

With Order Tagger, you can get to know your customers like never before and get a clear view of your target audience. You can use it to tag specific customer characteristics and use the info in your email marketing campaigns — or sort your customers by other criteria, such as delivery needs. For instance, you can create a workflow that automatically tags new customers’ orders, and include a special gift or thank you note in their order — without any manual input or sorting!

Get remarkable support

The Order Tagger development team knows that each customer has their own specific needs and requirements — which is why our dedicated developers are happy to create custom features and modifications according to your needs!

Use game-changing dynamic tags

Dynamic tags change depending on the values of specific attributes in your customers’ orders, such as: * Payment methods * UTM tags values * Order note values * SKU codes * Line item values

We can do what others can’t

Order Tagger is there to fill the gap left by other similar tagging apps. With Order Tagger, you get extensive unique features like: * Dynamic tags based on certain attributes * Workflow testing * Tagging canceled orders * Tagging partially fulfilled orders * Tagging abandoned carts * Backdating previous orders

Use Order Tagger to tag orders:

  • From customers that have multiple open orders
  • Based on the customers’ zip code
  • Based on whether they contain out-of-stock products
  • Based on their fulfillment location
  • And a lot more!
Use advanced settings to refine workflow and order management

Use advanced settings to refine workflow and order management

Filter your orders by applied tags.

Filter your orders by applied tags.

Use backdating to apply rules against historic orders.

Use backdating to apply rules against historic orders.