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Convert Shoppers to Buyers

Your Customer will understand 1. How the product can be part of a complete look 2. When & where to wear the product 3. Why buy the product

Expand Product Discovery

1. Show complimentary products together 2. Highlight products that get less exposure (e.g. accessories) 3. Increase inventory turnover

Boost Sales with Each Order

1. Buy multiple items with a few clicks 2. Increase customer happiness 3. Increase AOV and UPT.


Fiteo built the Outfits Advisor app to help Brands convert Shoppers to Buyers.

We use outfits developed by Humans (Fashion Stylists) and combine it with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recommend outfits for every product, and describe how, when, and where to use your product.

Common Problem

Are your Product Pages NOT Converting???

  1. Product Description is sparse or incomplete. Hence, unable to explain how to use the Product
  2. The Product has insufficient number of Product Images to showcase the Product
  3. Product Recommendations are non-existent or poor quality.

Business Impact

You have a "Leaky Bucket" problem.

  • You have More Shoppers than Buyers. Higher the store traffic, worse is the problem.
  • Your Shoppers struggle to understand how to use your Products.

This leads to a poor Customer Experience. They Buy Less. You get Low Conversion. You Lose Sales.

Benefits: How Fiteo can Help

Imagine if your Customer understands

  1. How the Product can be worn as part of a Complete Look
  2. Why she/he should buy the Product
  3. How to purchase Multiple Items with just a few clicks

Your Shoppers convert to Buyers. This increases Conversion. And, boost your Sales!

Features of Outfits Advisor

Outfits Advisor has chock full of ground-breaking features:

  1. 100% of Products in your Catalog have one or more Outfits.
  2. All future products are automatically covered.
  3. Every Outfit is inspired and developed by a trained Fashion Stylist.
  4. Outfits are presented on Product Pages.
  5. Outfits describe how to style the product with other complimentary items, when (time of the year) and where (location, activity) to use your product
  6. Customers can easily add one or more products in the Outfit to Cart with just a click.
  7. You get Weekly Reports on the impact (traffic, conversion, $).

How it Works

The Outfits Advisor app is effortless to install and use:

  1. Add the App to your Store
  2. Fiteo accesses your catalog, creates outfits, & activates the App (in days, based on catalog size)
  3. We notify you when ready. You start seeing Outfits on your Store!

Done. Zero Effort from You. Fiteo handles everything.

So, add Outfit Advisor to your Store. Get started with confidence!

About Fiteo

Fiteo is built by world-class experts with over 50 years of experience building Internet-scale eCommerce businesses.

Fiteo was founded to solve the everyday problem that people have faced for centuries - "What Should I Wear Today?". Fiteo's mission is to recommend great Outfits for Everyone for Every Occasion.

Fiteo helps Brands convert Shoppers to Buyers.

Learn When, Where, and How to use your Product

Learn When, Where, and How to use your Product

Improve Content on your Product Pages

Improve Content on your Product Pages

Increase Conversion. Boost Basket Size.

Increase Conversion. Boost Basket Size.

Expand Product Discovery

Expand Product Discovery

Show Multiple Looks for your Product

Show Multiple Looks for your Product

Simple Admin UI

Simple Admin UI

High Quality Outfit Advice at your fingertips

High Quality Outfit Advice at your fingertips