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Secure packing
Secure packing

You will never make a packing mistake again. No more returns due to packing errors

Track orders
Track orders

Keep a history of all shipments. What products was in which packagdes and who packed what.

World class support
World class support

Any questions at all? We are support superheroes. Send us a mail, we'll reply personally and directly.

Packwise is developed together with merchants, to ensure they never ship out orders with the wrong products.

With Packwise, you register what products you pack, and, in which boxes they are packed. If you make a mistake in the packing process, Packwise notifies you on the screen and by a sound warning. This ensures that you only pack what your customer ordered.

All shipments are stored so you can always go back to check what was packed and shipped in which boxes.

Packwise synchronizes with your orders and displays any orders that are ready to be shipped (when they are paid and unfulfilled).

The packing process with Packwise:

  1. Collect products for an order
  2. Open Packwise overview and select the order you are handling
  3. Scan or click products that you packed
  4. Designate extra boxes when needed
  5. Finish and print PDF

If you wish, Packwise can mark orders as fulfilled in Shopify once they are complete in Packwise.

Once you have finished packing, Packwise creates a PDF with all information regarding your shipment. This is kept in your history. You can send this with the shipment, or by mail, to your customer as a packing slip.

Developed with people in mind

Packwise has been developed together with busy companies trying to make their packing process more efficient. We are still updating the app to include the future needs of our users. If you have any suggestions that would make your process easier, we would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here and ready to answer any concerns.

To sum up, with Packwise, you will never ship an order with the wrong products again. Safe a secure packing.