Payster – Payment Reminder

Remind unpaid pending orders to customers and increase revenue

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Get Pending Orders Paid Faster
Get Pending Orders Paid Faster

Sends automatic email reminders to customers with pending payment. Perfect for Wire (Bank) Transfer, Boleto, or Cash on Delivery payments.

Save Time: Auto-Processing
Save Time: Auto-Processing

It's easy to schedule the email reminders, edit the email content or use the built-in templates. Set it once and check the results later.

Auto-cancel Unpaid Orders
Auto-cancel Unpaid Orders

Cancels unpaid orders after specified time so the products are returned to inventory and not blocked on pending orders.

Get Paid for Pending Orders Faster

  • Helps you to maximize the revenue from unpaid orders by reminding customers to pay
  • No need to manually watch and remind unpaid orders. The app automatically monitors outstanding orders in the background, sends email reminders, and stops reminding when order is marked as paid
  • Unblock the inventory in unpaid orders by canceling them automatically after some time
  • Get an overview of how much revenue is in the pending orders
  • Use this app to remind customers to pick up their orders

When to Use Payster

Payster is an excellent tool if you deal with any unpaid orders. After initial setup, it will automatically take care of the rest, and you can just sit back and see how much "lost" revenue is recovered.

If you are using an offline payment method like Wire (Bank) Transfer, Cash on Delivery, Boleto, Paytm, Payoneer, etc.

If you are offering deferred (delayed) payments due later that are generating orders with an outstanding balance (to be available soon) If you are editing orders and adding items that require additional payment.

If you are using local pickups, you can remind customers to pick up the order.

How the App Works

  1. It finds unpaid orders (not older than 30 days)
  2. Enable email reminders
  3. App sends automatic emails to your customers to remind them to pay with a link to the checkout
  4. Customer can choose the payment method and pay.
  5. App watches the status of the order in real-time, and when paid or refunded, it stops sending the reminders.
  6. If an order is not paid, it can be canceled automatically after a user-defined number of days

Main Features

  • Reminds your customers via email to pay for orders
  • Cancels unpaid orders after a specified number of days and restock the products from unpaid pending orders
  • Decide how many reminders to send (1-3) and how many minutes/hours/days after order creation (or immediately)
  • Customize the emails as you want or use our predefined emails, so you need to activate them and not care anymore
  • Have a clear overview of your unpaid orders
  • Automatic sending of email reminders (Set & Forget, save time and money)
  • Preview email, send a test email
  • Full HTML editor of emails
  • Choose from predefined templates
  • Select orders you don't want to remind
  • Analytics section so you can see how many orders were successfully recovered and how each email reminder performs