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Automatically generate PDF invoices, receipts + packing slips

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Professional PDF invoices
Professional PDF invoices

Get real-time generated invoices (receipts), download them directly or let us send PDF automatically

Manual & auto invoice modes
Manual & auto invoice modes

You can create PDF invoice and packing slip for any order at any time in just a few seconds

No PDF generation rate limits
No PDF generation rate limits

You'll be able to use our professional designed invoice PDF template for free for unlimited time. We offer paid bulk PDF export feature

Forget about creating and sending invoices manually

Mega PDF Generator app provides an easy and coding-free way to send invoices for every order made on your website or download invoices using app's admin when needed.

Send invoices via email

Mega PDF Invoice Generator App integrates with your Shopify store and listens to new orders. You define if you need the app to track when the order is created, paid or fulfilled. Once order event has been triggered, app automatically sends an email with the PDF invoice attached


  • automatic invoice PDF generation for created / paid / fulfilled orders;
  • send invoice or download PDF manually in case if the order was changed or if you like to download invoice (also bulk) for draft orders;
  • change content of the Email your customers get;
  • show multiple taxes and tax rates for every tax line;
  • handle multiple tax numbers (VAT numbers) and choose the correct one depending on customer's country automatically;
  • packing slips;
  • display barcode and/or QR code in PDF files according to Code 128 standard (ISO/IEC 15417:2007);
  • download multiple invoice PDFs using Shopify Orders menu ("More actions" dropdown > "Export PDF Invoices for all orders");
  • print invoices right from Shopify Order info page ("Actions" dropdown). Invoice printing also works from Shopify mobile apps;
  • multi-currency: invoices will be sent in the same currency your customer used during the payment process;
  • automatic detection of gross / net pricing modes (including / excluding VAT);
  • generate and download invoice in XLS (Excel) and DOC (MS Word) formats from app admin panel;
  • view or print invoice PDF with Shopify POS;
  • add BCC Email (thus your accounting team gets a hidden copy of all the invoices);
  • 6 premium PDF invoice design templates;
  • Custom PDF invoice / custom Email design can be ordered as an additional service (including custom B2B and wholesale invoices).


  • Exemptify (automatically display customer's VAT ID)

Does Mega PDF Invoice Generator support translations?

Yes, we currently support English, Spanish, Swedish, German, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Portuguese and French. If you want us to translate the invoice to your language, please let us know.

How can I use bulk receipts download feature?

Bulk PDF invoice export can be useful to download receipts for accounting, recordkeeping and batch invoice processing. Download invoices as .zip archive in one click.

Is this app GDPR Compliant?

Yes, we don't store any customer information for order invoice generation.

Can this app print customer VAT numbers?

Yes, VAT numbers provided by customers.

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Start auto-generating professional PDF invoices and focus on the most important parts of your business!