Improve conversions with real-time personalization and nudging

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Quick and easy to install

Takes a few minutes to set up and works across all themes and custom storefronts. No need for a developer - choose your nudges and go live!

Advanced personalization

Continuously learns which nudges convert best based on real-time anonymous customer journeys. Nudge effectiveness increases over time.

On-brand and unintrusive

Matches your site's style and nudges your customers without being disruptive. Display brand USPs that resonate with customers personally.

About Personai: Convert with real-time nudging

It’s time to bring the in-store white-glove experience online with Personai.

Personai increases conversion rates by using psychological persuasion tactics called “nudges” which are optimised in real-time to match individual customer purchase intent.

For example, if you are a beauty brand and one of your nudges is “eco-friendly packaging”, visitors to your site who are most likely to be motivated by this nudge are likely to be shown this nudge on your product pages.

Brands love Personai as it seamlessly matches the styling already set up on product pages and is designed to subconsciously nudge customers without being disruptive to the customer experience.

For more information, please contact us directly.

Why our customers use Personai:

We’ve seen great results with leading and disruptor brands across health and beauty, apparel, pets and food and beverage. By using Personai;

  • Medical Grade Manuka Honey retailer, First Honey, is able to promote their brand USPs in a dynamic way to suit the individual needs of their customers. They recently opened an eCommerce store after seeing a lot of growth as a primarily retail-first company, so it’s important to them that they transfer the “in-store feel” online to create a great experience for their customers.

  • Ethically Sourced shoe retailer, Kitu Kali, improves the customer experience on their site as their customers see what matters to them about the Kitu Kali brand on the site’s product pages.

  • Luxury Chocolatier, Rococo Chocolates, uses dynamic nudging to help them to boost conversions in their low-peak season - seeing great results in terms of Add-to-Baskets and Average Basket Value.

How to install Personai

  1. Follow the guided wizard to decide which nudges you want to use on your site.
  2. Choose how you want them to look using styles from your store theme.
  3. Set Personai live and it will start adding nudges to your product pages.
First Honey Personai

First Honey Personai

Rococo Chocolates Personai

Rococo Chocolates Personai

Personai Interface

Personai Interface

Kitu Kali Personai

Kitu Kali Personai