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Integrate PHP POS with your online store

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PHP Point Of Sale integrates with Shopify to keep the inventory of your physical PHP Point Of Sale store current with your online Shopify store.

This allows you to manage in-store and online Shopify store right from PHP Point Of Sale.

You can do the following:

  • Import products from Shopify to quickly populate PHP Point Of Sale with products from your online product list.

  • Import orders from Shopify to utilize PHP Point Of Sale’s reporting features. You can then view your in-store and online orders in one place.

  • Export items from PHP Point Of Sale to Shopify. You will be able to add and update products in PHP Point Of Sale and have them sent directly to your Shopify store.

  • Sync inventory between PHP Point Of Sale and Shopify. When you sell in-store with PHP Point Of Sale or online with Shopify our system will make sure your inventory stays in sync so you don’t oversell inventory.