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Make a picklist, scan, pack, & fulfill orders with your phone

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View and filter orders
View and filter orders

View your open unfulfilled orders for your Shopify location and filter orders by different payment types to generate a picklist.

Picking made easy
Picking made easy

Your picklist shows products grouped and sorted by product type, vendor, title, variant name or product location along with available stock.

Eliminate packing  errors
Eliminate packing errors

Mark picked items directly in our app either manually or by scanning barcodes. Then mark orders as fulfilled. No printing required!

Pick List is an embedded Shopify app for creating a picklist of products from your unfulfilled orders. Your products are listed on-screen so you can easily pick and pack orders without having to print a hardcopy. The app works either on a browser or the Shopify Mobile/POS app.

Initially, all open unfulfilled orders from all locations are fetched and listed in the orders page. If your store has more than one location they are listed in a pull down on the right and orders can be displayed/picked by location.

You can filter orders by different payment types. Three types are selected by default - paid, partially_paid, and partially_refunded. Select all orders or individual orders and click on "Pick items" to generate a picklist. If you use pick bins to pack your orders our app automatically assigns bin numbers to your orders based on the order in which you select orders.

The app fetches your products and available inventory for the selected orders from Shopify and displays it as a sorted list. You can group and sort product-variants by Product type, Vendor, Product title, SKU, or custom Metafields. Each product-variant is displayed with the number of items available, the number of items required, and the number picked. The pick bin numbers and order numbers are also displayed to help with packing the correct products. You can add custom metafields (via a third-party metafield editor) to group your product-variants by location within each store or warehouse.

Additionally, if your store uses product bundles or custom product options via apps such as "Infinite options", "Advanced Product Options", "G:Variants", etc., we display these custom order extensions in your picklist.

In the picklist, click the tickmark button to mark a product as picked. You can use a barcode scanner to scan the product barcode to mark it as picked. If you use Pick List from Shopify Mobile or Shopify POS you can use the camera on your device to scan barcodes and pack orders. Use the "Hide picked" checkbox to hide any variants that you have completed picking. You can also print your picklist and your order list and manually pack products.

Press the "Show orders" option to view all your orders and their status. Click on each order to go to Shopify's fulfillment page where you can enter the tracking number and mark the order as fulfilled.

Click the "Finished" button to exit the picklist and go back to the orders page. Optionally, you can mark orders with a "Picked" tag to let yourself know you've completed picking these orders.

It's that simple!