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Schedule your discounts

Save time by scheduling your discounts for a period of time and forget about making manual changes. When it ends, the prices will reset.

Boost your sales

Convert more sales using discounted prices instead of coupons that end in abandoned carts.

Monitor in real time

Analyze which products are working best and adapt your discounts to the behavior of your customers.

Convert more customers by applying discounts to hundreds of products instantly. Planet allows you to forget about the operational part to focus on what matters, your customers.

Planet is a price and promotion management solution that helps you to set schedule discounts, flash sales, product drops, and much more. Through its dashboard metrics, you can monitor in real-time how your discounts are doing.


Sales and Black Friday

Forget about changing your prices one by one every time you want to make a discount or create a sales campaign. There are many things to prepare and the prices cannot be missed at the last moment. With Planet you can prepare your changes ready to be applied on the day and time you schedule, without errors.

Flash Sales

Do you want to set temporary discounts for certain products? Create as many automations as you want to offer your products for short periods. When the end date arrives, everything will return to its original state, without demanding you any action.

Discounts for products or variants

Do you have variants that aren't selling properly and you're afraid of having too much stock for other seasons? You can create discounts and offers for both products and variants to sell all your stock before dropping your new products.

Various types of discounts

Each brand follows a different strategy, for that reason we allow you to make percentage discounts (%), fixed amount discounts (€), or a new price (set a different price offer). This way you can try different discounts and see which one generates the most sales for you.

Compared price

The compared price plays a very important role in sales as it makes the user see the opportunity in front of him. In Planet you can also choose what happens to the compared price during the discount.

Price ending

When applying a discount, the resulting price may have undesired decimals, so we allow you to choose the price ending you want after the discount. If you are one of those who put their products at .99 or want to have round prices, everything has a place in Planet.

Recurring discounts

Do you want to make offers every week or month? With Planet you can create as many time slots as you want so that your prices change automatically using our discount manager.

We don't slow down your store

At Planet we have a rule, don't modify the view of your front-end. Adding banners, counters and other widgets would make your store slower and your customers' experience worse, decreasing your sales. That's why we haven't included any visual widgets on Planet.



Do you have questions about how to apply a discount? Our support team will help you as long as you need to get your store ready.

Automate your discounts

Automate your discounts

Choose products or variants

Choose products or variants

Set discounts in fixed amount, percentage or new price

Set discounts in fixed amount, percentage or new price

Decide when the discount is applied

Decide when the discount is applied