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Grow your business
Grow your business

Internationalize your business. Increase your sales by translating your shop in an intuitive way and reaching more customers.

Multi-language management
Multi-language management

Pluglin takes care of all the configuration and translation into the languages you need in a user-friendly way. Customized language selector

SEO Optimization
SEO Optimization

Your shop will be optimized for SEO, and we will maintain the optimizations, increasing the visits to your shop.

Your shop in any language

With Pluglin you can easily translate your entire Shopify shop into the languages you need and have it ready to sell in minutes in new markets, in a totally automatic and intuitive way, simply by installing our app.

No translation or programming knowledge is required. All the content and design you have in your Shopify shop will be automatically translated and you will keep all your shop features but it will be localized into the new languages.

Pluglin uses Artificial Intelligence and advanced deep-learning neural networks to provide machine translation with the highest possible quality.


  • Simple installation: Choose the languages to be installed and create your shop in each of the languages you want. No programming is required.
  • Everything stays the same: Pluglin makes sure the designs and functionality of your store are maintained in each language.
  • Customized language selector for your shop.
  • SEO Optimization: Your shop is optimized for SEO and we will maintain the same SEO optimizations so that your shop remains properly indexed in all languages.