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Loyalty Reward Points System. Attract & Retain your Customers.

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Supercharge Customer Retention
Supercharge Customer Retention

Poket Loyalty Rewards App helps stores effectively build customer loyalty to increase sales, and retain customers.

Grow a Sustainable Business
Grow a Sustainable Business

Cut on your digital advertisement cost and develop a relationship with the consumers for a sustainable growth of your business.

Watch the results roll in
Watch the results roll in

Powerful analytics helps you to understand how your loyalty rewards program is performing and where you can optimize.

What is Poket Loyalty Rewards App?

Poket is an all-in-one loyalty program platform for your Shopify store.

Maximise your customer retention efforts, boost sales, and take your online business to the next level. Break through the noise of digital advertisements and develop a relationship with the consumers for the sustainable growth of your business by simply installing the Poket Loyalty Rewards App.

With Poket Loyalty Rewards, merchants can create One-Tier. Merchants can set welcome points, birthday multiplier points, Facebook sharing points, and also feedback points.

How Poket Loyalty Rewards work?

Once you install the Poket Loyalty Rewards app to your store, a pop-up (Rewards Panel) will appear on your website.

  1. Engaging Pop-up
  2. Customers can also view rewards and ways to earn before joining

After installing the Poket Loyalty Rewards app, you will be directed to the Poket sign-up form and get started page for the setup of your Loyalty Rewards Program in your Shopify store. Once all the steps are completed, your program is ready to be launched.

You can now view the type of loyalty rewards program you have set, along with any attached rewards, and other ways to earn in the pop-up that is appearing on your website.

How Customers use Poket Loyalty Rewards?

  1. Customer visits your website and clicks the Reward Launcher Icon on your website
  2. Customer sees your Loyalty Reward Program Pop-Up
  3. To view the rewards program, the customer simply needs to click ‘View Rewards’ To learn how to redeem and earn rewards, the customer clicks on each ‘Benefits’ -> ‘Ways to Redeem’, ‘Ways to Earn’
  4. Customer joins your Loyalty Reward Program and earns Welcome Points ( if you set welcome points)
  5. Customer purchases item/ items from your store and earns points Eg. 1 point for every $1 spent, Birthday multiplier: 2x, Facebook share: 50 points, Feedback: 20 points
  6. If the customer has enough points or balances to redeem, a voucher will appear in the Redeem section
  7. Customer redeems the voucher and confirms; a discount code is generated. For the next purchase, the customer can use this code to redeem. Customer copies and pastes the code in the checkout for a discounted rate.

All your members' activities, right from signing up, visit frequency, vouchers redeemed are easily available in real-time for merchant for merchants to analyze.