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Social Media Share Buttons For Your Thank You Page

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Share Promo Codes
Share Promo Codes

Offer promo codes for any specials or flash sales you are running. Incentivizing customers to share to their friends.

Boost Traffic
Boost Traffic

Offering a sharing option on your checkout page offers the ability to boost your high quality traffic without even trying.


With 1-Click Setup. You have full control over the sharing widget. From the message displayed to which social media platform to share to.

Updated: October 2021

Why would you use Checkout Share Buttons?

Word of mouth is the most powerful tool brands can use. Why wouldn't you trust a recommendation from someone you know? 92% of consumers around the world now say they trust word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.

Adding a simple share option after your customer has already checked out is an instant value add. The share widget integrates right into the order status page without being too noisy or cluttering up the page.

We make it easy to share links for all marketing campaigns and sales your store is running.


The setup is a 1-Click no hassle, no code setup.

We will also generate a preview of what the widget will look like on your store so you know exactly what it will look like when the share widget goes live.