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Postnord App

This app is for you using Postnord's solution Skicka Direct Business (SDB) for your Transport Management, and want to save time on creating the shipping labels. For incoming orders in the Shopify store you can retrieve valid shipping options that you have configured in your personal SDB account. Then select one of the retrieved option to create a shipment inside SDB.

With Skicka Direkt Business your company can order shipments and pick-up. The service is built so that you should be able to quickly and easily choose the shipping method that suits your specific needs. You won’t have to have deep knowledge in services or shipments in order to deliver to your customers. You manage your templates easily in the tool and get a good overview over all your shipments and events connected to them.


  • Retrieve the shipping options you created in Send Direct Business
  • Create shipment in Send Direct Business


This app requires an account with Postnord Sweden; you need a registered organisation ID to apply for this account. Postnord Sweden is a Swedish company and some materials might only be available in Swedish language.


App is tested with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge on Windows PC. App is NOT tested with Safari/Mac. If you experience any problem with the installation or features, please try with one of the tested browsers.

Shopify Postnord App Manual Sync

Shopify Postnord App Manual Sync

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Shopify Postnord App Account Settings

Shopify Postnord App Help Page

Shopify Postnord App Help Page