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Let your shoppers create & share interactive wish lists

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Increase & Reach new shoppers
Increase & Reach new shoppers

PowerBuy Connect lets shoppers share your products with their friends & family through personalized interactive wish lists

Boost shoppers engagement
Boost shoppers engagement

Enables a shopper’s friends to purchase items for them, as well as allows friends to add items to their personalized interactive wish lists

Build Community
Build Community

Allows you to have your own social community that brings your shoppers together to share moments, ideas, recommendations with their friends

What is PowerBuy Connect?

Customers aren’t always looking to buy immediately, and that’s where PowerBuy Connect comes in handy. Allowing customers to pin your products to their personalized wish lists not only allows you to collect the customer’s information, but customers share these lists with all their friends & family. With friends & family seeing customer wish lists, they can buy those pinned products for them or others. PowerBuy Connect is an essential feature to help increase your awareness to thousands and thousands of people through organic word of mouth.

Increase awareness with no marketing spend

Help market PowerBuy Connect to your customers by showing them how easy it is to create a shared personalized wish list for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, house warmings, weddings, and any other events where gifts would be given.

Understand your customers

Once you give customers the ability to create & share personalized wish lists, their friends won’t be the only ones who get to see that information. Collect thousands of data points to help you know who your customers are and what they like. Leverage that information to more effective and appealing marketing campaigns & offers.