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5 Nov. 25, 2021 We at Novadab love everything PowerBuy does! We just downloaded PowerBuy Connect and are looking forward to how much we know it is going to positively affect our business. We love that our customers can create interactive wishlists that they can share with their loved ones. It makes gift giving so much easier and also spreads the name of our business. A win-win!
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5 Nov. 3, 2021 The PowerBuy team was there throughout the whole integration process to optimize my store; "Thank You Yvette Vinas." She reached out to me about the exciting new features in their newest project: PowerBuy Connect powered by AI notification along with other optimizing tasks to enhance sales as well as create interest with my customer base. Thank you PowerBuy & Thank you Yvette for helping me take this journey into the unknown, but knowing I "Won't" be alone. Thank you.