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Automated by machine learning

Machine learning is everywhere, from self-driving cars to social media algorithms; Take advantage of this powerful tool and predict sales

Be ready by predicting sales

A forecast can help you decide to stock more or reduce inventory

Interactive Charts

You may find it cumbersome to read data, but not if you have detailed interactive charts

It's an app that will keep you up-to-date with sales numbers, it will let you focus on your business and it will take responsibility for sales forecasts, you'll never have to put up an out-of-stock banner; You will be ready for future demands from now on.

With the app opener, you will get a short sales forecast as a banner in the beginning and it will showcase 3 values in respective forecasts

  • Increase in sales soon
  • Decline in sales soon
  • Sales will remain the same

This will give you a clear idea instead of speculation to manage inventory and save you from the possibility of being out of stock on days of heavy demand. We will be able to help you if you need forecasts of revenue from certain products; so that you can target only certain products.

How it generates forecasts

It is not magic it is the power of machine learning; our model will study previous order data and based on that it will generate sales forecasts. In addition, you will get. As a result of our machine learning model being continuously trained, you can rest assured that you will receive the most accurate sales forecast possible.

  • Data visualizations with the help of interactive charts
  • Forecasts of revenue that would be generated by any particular product
  • Sales forecasts of top-20 products
  • Custome forecasts of any manually given data (paid service)
  • Handholding customer support
  • Forecasts demands of specific products

Disclaimer: The number of orders helps us increase the accuracy of the forecast. It will be our goal to predict accurate stock information using different machine learning algorithms and the above-predicted information would be very close to the accurate.

Sales forecast

Sales forecast

Sales Forecast

Sales Forecast

Sales forecast

Sales forecast

Sales forecast

Sales forecast