Monitor and match prices

Automatically monitor and match your competitors prices

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Competitor Price Monitoring
Competitor Price Monitoring

Monitor the prices of your competitors and take action by matching their prices. The app will automatically match your product prices!

Fully Automated
Fully Automated

Don't worry about manually keeping an eye on your competitors prices. The app will do it for you multiple times a day.

Customizable and Plug & Play
Customizable and Plug & Play

You decide which products to price match. After that you don't have to worry about missing a sale to a competitor because of a lower price.

Monitor and match prices

Tired of losing customers to cheaper competitors? Keep finding yourself updating your own prices when your competitors change theirs?

This app can help you with these exact concerns! Simply provide a URL to your competitors product and specify which of your own products that should match your competitors price.

It's important for us that the app is simple to use. That's why we created it with a "plug & play" concept in mind. That means that once you set it up it just works! Should your competitor change their website layout, then you can simply create a new monitoring.

Specify a minimum price

You have the option of specifying a minimum price for each unique product variant. This means that the app won't lower your prices under a certain threshold. If you always want to match your competitor simply specify the minimum price as being 0.

Works for all your product variants

When specifying which products should change price based on a competitors price, you choose one variant a time. This means that you can specify different minimum prices for different product variants. For example you might not want your blue t-shirt to change price, but still want all the rest of your t-shirts to change price.

Works with all currencies

It doesn't matter which currency your store uses. The app will function independent of your and your competitors currency.

On autopilot

The app will automatically monitor prices 48 times a day all year round. That means that you don't have to worry about your competitors prices at night, as the app will automatically do it for you.

More features on the way

If you think a feature is missing don't hesitate to contact me (Malthe - the app creator) personally. I would love to hear your feedback and add new features based on your needs!