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Batch & export orders, import products, streamline fulfillment

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Easy & Quick Installation
Easy & Quick Installation

Within minutes you'll be able to install the app for your Shopify store and get it connected to your Printavo account.

Batch Orders
Batch Orders

Select specific orders or use campaigns to automatically queue them up. Exported orders will be neatly labeled across both platforms.

Fulfillment Made Simple
Fulfillment Made Simple

Exported Shopify orders will be tagged by invoice number. Simply search for the tag to print packing slips & shipping labels.

Save valuable time and money by staying on top of your production when you integrate Shopify with Printavo using PrintFlo.

Key benefits

  • Never worry again about manual data entry and making costly errors
  • Set a due date and our intelligent merging will bring your queued orders into one single Printavo invoice. The correct sizes, product images, shipping and even taxes will be migrated seamlessly (unlike other solutions such as Zapier)
  • Using Shopify for multiple customers? Want to split orders by product type? No problem. Assign products to campaigns in advance and export just the relevant items to Printavo
  • Import an Invoice: quickly turn Printavo line items into Shopify products with a click of a button (COMING SOON)

The types of merchant data shared with Printavo, Inc. includes Orders, Customers, Products from your Shopify Store. This data IS ONLY SHARED with your individual Printavo account based on the API key you provide.

PrintFlo | Connect to Printavo is not affiliated with Printavo, Inc. This is a 3rd party app providing an integration between Shopify and Printavo.