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Rich products
Rich products

We have a wide range of custom products to choose from, covering all categories

Creative customization
Creative customization

You can create all kinds of products according to your wishes, personalize, differentiate and customize your goods

One key synchronization
One key synchronization

Simple operation, you can quickly upload your customized goods to your store in batches

We Care & We Can

Having an awesome commerce blueprint in your mind without required resources? With our help, we can do this together in a blink of an eye. We are willing to help your business from the designing process all the way to client. We are a customization company that can make almost eveything, from a pin all the way to a mouse pad, even an toy bear.


  1. What you need to do: ALL YOU NEED IS YOUR WONDERFUL IDEAS!
  2. What we will do for you: upfront costs, a large quantity demand of market, opportunities, quality, platforms of design, charistics of your product, MAKE YOUR BLUEPRINT BECOMES REALITY!


  • We will take care of the factoring process and the product will go straight to the client.
  • Flexible production, our own can manufact goods by your choice.
  • Smart platform, Our designing platform is easy to manage, even begginers can make the greatest masterpiece.
  • Bigger the Market, Bigger the Revenue. We currently have our products sold globaly through Amazon, eBay, Taobao, Vova, etc...

How Do We Do

  1. You connect your Shopify store with DIYprint and add your products
  2. Customers will order products from your store
  3. We will done the rest for you
  4. You recieved the money