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Price & Competitor Monitoring

Stay on top of market trends and grow your business with our automated and intuitive price tracking and monitoring platform.

Analytics & Revenue Growth

Boost your business through detailed analytics of your competitors. Use price changes and out-of-stock events to increase your revenues.

Customizable Alert Center

Save time and money. Specify exactly when and how you want to be notified. Prispot does the work fully automated, 24/7.

Fully automated and intuitive Price Tracking and Competitor Monitoring Platform

Stay on top of market trends and grow your business with Prispot, the intuitive tracking and monitoring platform. Reveal your competitor's prices and strategies and increase your sales and profit margins.

How you benefit from Prispot:

Track your competitors and gain competitive advantage through market data and analytics. Be ahead and grow your business.

  • Save time & increase Productivity

Stop tediously tracking your competitor manually. With Prispot you can monitor every step of your competitors within one platform. This saves you time and increases your productivity.

  • Maximize Profits & Outperform Competitors

Reveal your competitors' pricing strategies and use our advanced data visualization to react and outperform your competitors. Maximize your profits with Prispot.

  • Simple Setup & intuitive Analytics

Track your competitors in the simplest way possible: Copy and paste your competitors' URL and start monitoring. Our intuitive analytics will make it easy for you to gain special insight and reveal hidden strategies.

  • Full Automation

Monitor your competitors 24/7 and use our intelligent alert system to identify strategic advantages such as out of stock events or price jumps.

Prispot Features:

Prispot has all you need to track your competitors - Simple and clear!

  1. Product Price Tracking: Monitor your competitors on a per-product level. This helps you rank and optimize your pricing and performance.

  2. Average Marketprice Tracking: Prispot is tracking the average marketprice. Thus you can see, how the market develops and adjust your strategies accordingly.

  3. Historic Price Data: See historical prices at the product or market level and uncover the secret pricing strategies of your competitors.

  4. Price Positioning Comparison: Have a clear overview of how your product compares to your competitors. Prispot creates transparency through clear visualizations.

  5. Price / Stock Updates four times per day: Prispot monitors your competitors fully automatically - 24/7. Every 6 hours prices and inventory are updated. This saves time and money.

  6. Customizable alert center: Prispot allows you to have a customizable alarm center. Enter the events you want to be alerted to in order to react in real time.

  7. Email Notification: With Prispot you get information about the most important events conveniently via email. Everything fully automatically and without additional effort.

Customer Service & new Features:

Prispot is already the world's most intuitive price tracking and competitor monitoring platform. However, we work tirelessly to improve Prispot and implement new features. Let's work together to create even more benefits for you and your business.

Prispot Dashboard View

Prispot Dashboard View

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Prispot Product View

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Prispot Product Details

Prispot Product Analytics

Prispot Product Analytics

Prispot Alert Center

Prispot Alert Center