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Grow sales with bundle product
Grow sales with bundle product

Motivate your customers to buy more by offering bundle products with good discounts. More bundle products = More sales

 Set unlimited bundle products
Set unlimited bundle products

Mix different bundles & discounts to get the perfect pack. Set percentage off, fixed discount amount, or fixed total price for each bundle

Bundle products at ease
Bundle products at ease

Create your bundle in just a few clicks, no coding required. Fully customize how your bundle products looks & displays on your product page

Product Bundles by AllFetch is developed to help merchants get more revenue from every store visit by selling more with the bundle products. Within a few clicks, you can set up a combination of multiple products, and promote those to customers at a selected discount.

As shoppers constantly look for attractive deals, bundling products is a great strategy to maximize revenue from each existing customer while providing an exciting experience.

Why choose Product Bundles by AllFetch?

Whatever your business size is, this app helps you make an unlimited number of bundles to meet your specific needs and incentivize customers to buy more.

Apply line-item or product variant discount

Offering discounts to target a product variant. It comes in handy when you have certain product options that you want to provide a discount for, without discounting other item variants.

Apply discount to entire bundles

Running a promotion where customers get discounts for their total order amount. Offer a combination of items for sale that entice customers to purchase.

Quantity breaks or Volume discounts

Create unlimited price tiers for products based on how many products which a customer buys. Increase average order value by rewarding bulk orders.


  • Buy 2A get 10% discount OFF, 3A get 15% discount OFF
  • Buy A+B for $50, 2A +B for $55

Multi-product bundles

Bundle with a discount by purchasing multiple products. Combine a few specific products that you want customers to buy together with a discount

Percentage discount

Set a percentage off on each product or whole bundle. Creating bundle discounts in a simple and highly effective way. For example, buy 1A + 2B & get 15% OFF

Fixed amount discount

Apply a fixed discount for the bundle or each product when they are bought together.

For example

  • Save $50 for the entire product bundle
  • Save $10 for buy 1A, $5 for buy 2B

Fixed total price

Set the total price of one or more items to a set price

For example

  • Buy 1A + 1B + 1C with only $100
  • Buy 3A with only $50

Advanced analytic report

Get the insights you need to improve your bundle products performance

  • See how much value generated by using bundles
  • Understand how good or bad your bundles are

Promote product bundles on any store page

Increase chances of selling more products by displaying your product bundle on product pages, homepage, landing page, or dedicated bundle pages.

Let customers know what they'll save with bundles!

Fully customizable product bundle design

No worry about the messy theme! Customize bundle appearance to match your store’s brand. Configure bundle products at a convenience

Easy setup, no coding required!