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Optimize Product Discovery for a Better CX

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One-Page Shopping Experience

A table layout displays all product information with Add to Cart buttons, search, and filters embedded right there for one-page shopping.

Quick Ordering

Customers can quickly search and filter, read product information, update quantity, and fill their carts quickly.

Increase Conversion Rate

The quicker, one-page buying experience delivers a better user experience, reduces friction from the buyer journey and increases conversions

Create a One-Page Shopping Experience with Product Table

The app allows you to add a table anywhere on your site that displays Product Information (product name, description, image, rating) a search bar, filters, quantity counters, and Add to Cart buttons. This allows customers to search, filter, view information, and fill their cart – all from a single page.

  • Eliminates the need to visit separate product pages to fill the cart
  • Reduces friction & streamlines the buying experience
  • Optimized the buying experience and increases conversions

Fully Customizable – Choose What to Display on the Table

The app allows the store admin to choose what to display on the product table. As an admin, you can exclude certain product categories that you don’t want to display on the table. When customers use the search bar, the excluded product categories don’t turn up in the results. Admin can also change the labels of table columns for full customization. Following are the default table columns:

  1. Product name
  2. Product image
  3. Product description
  4. Product SKU
  5. Product Price
  6. Quantity counter
  7. Cart Actions (Add to cart button)

Real-time Search and Filters

The Ajax-powered search bar and filters are the highlights of this app. These allow customers to search for products in real-time, filter results using the given filters and easily find what they need.

Quick Bulk Ordering

Customers can quickly buy in bulk by selecting multiple products using checkboxes and adding them all to the cart with a single click.

Product Table Use Cases

Product Table app is great for the following use cases.

  • Grocery stores
  • Bulk ordering
  • For repeat customers who already know what to order and don’t need to visit product pages for detailed information
Product Table View

Product Table View

Admin Settings Screen

Admin Settings Screen

Admin Configuration Screen

Admin Configuration Screen