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Who are we

The Pronti Consumer App is a smart wardrobe assistant that uses preferences, style information and a users closet to recommend personalized shopping items to them.

How do we help you grow your business?

By installing the pronti-recommend app, your store’s items can be recommended in the iOS and Android apps to our fast growing user base. The recommendations show a picture of the item, the price, your store name, the name of the item and a link to your website for users to directly purchase.

Co-promotion deal

We are in an early start up phase, and are offering a copromotion deal until December 20th 2021. If you would like to be featured for free in the app and on our social media we kindly ask that you feature the Pronti consumer app on your social media, store and emails. We look forward to growing together!

Pronti’s values

We believe in:

  • Lowering every day decision fatigue
  • Using what we have in our closets
  • Purchasing smartly and sustainably
  • Self expression through our clothing
  • Supporting the fashion and retail industry

How does it work?

The app automatically recommends your apparel products to users of the Pronti consumer app. To get started, please follow these steps:

  1. Install the app on your apparel store and authorize access to read products
  2. Answer our two onboarding questions
  3. That's it! The Pronti team will review your store before making an approval decision. Once approved, your products will be automatically added and updated by the Pronti-recommend app


Dashboard while store is being reviewed

Dashboard while store is being reviewed

Dashboard when store is active

Dashboard when store is active